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Community Guidelines

The following is the rules as they exist at this moment. NFG may revise them to cover things not considered earlier, or to change rules that are ineffective or for any other reason. All changes will be posted on this page.

Things Allowed

  • Happiness, Love, Beauty
  • Bums & Nipples (we've all got 'em)
  • Genitalia (you must use the NSFW switch)
  • Sexual themes (you must use the NSFW switch)

Things Not Allowed

  • Excessive advertising
  • Annoying bots
  • Gore and violence
  • Racism, sexism, most other -isms
  • Hate, nazis, white supremacists
  • Anime avatars

Things NFG Will Ban Your Ass For

  • Stalking, harrassing or annoying other users
  • Doxxing or dogpiling or other rudeness

NFG isn't aware of all the ways people can be assholes towards each other, so reserves the right to take whatever measures necessary to ensure stays a safe, fun place for happy people, rainbows and fucking unicorns.

This document was last updated Jul 25, 2019.