Privacy Policy

NFG's Privacy Policy:

To the best of my ability, your data stays here. I'm not going to share it with anyone, or sell it to anyone. No ads, no trackers, no spies, stalkers or any kind of ne'er-do-wells will ever get into your data.

That said:

  1. Always be careful what you share. Check out the sharing options. The internet is a crazy place. Shit gets hacked. I'll do my best, but if you know anything about computers, you know they're just one poorly built bit of software on top of another. Or, if you prefer, it's faulty turtles all the way down.
  2. If you don't share it, people can't hack it. Be careful what you share!

In the Future, will extend its little tendrils and become one little server (an 'instance') among many, and people can follow you, and you can follow people, from other instances. I'll try and make sure you have cutting-edge tools to manage who can view your stuff.

But the only way to be safe is to not share things you don't want seen. That's, like, the rule everywhere.

I hope that will be super safe and trustworthy! That's important to me. But the internet is a crazy place.